Components of Team Building

A well-coordinated team boost’s productivity in the company and thus it should be highly recommended for creating an effective team. Team building ideas focus on bringing out the best in a team, and it is important to understand that a team is composed of different individuals who have divergent views on various issues. Therefore a team building activity should be centred on bringing each of the individual characters to fit in a Team that is respectful of each other and harmonised in their goals and achievement. The team building effort is connected with making a strong and result oriented organisation that understand each other’s strength and weakness.


All these issues are raised and best tackled during team building activities. A good team building event/activity should contain some of the following components. These components are based on both the activities themselves and the final results expected.

First and foremost competence; every team should feel well prepared to handle most of the problems arising in the due course of team building. One of the most important things that make the team to solve some of the problems is the knowledge and skills required to achieve the desired results. For instance, a team should have a capable enough team that is responsible for solving problems or creating solid foundations that can be used to build a better term and organisation at large. The team must be aware of why they were formed, how best to combine their individualistic talents for the benefit of the team and so on.

Secondly, there must be a guiding factor in all the corporate team building; the team is guided by a charter. The charter will ask the pertinent questions that pertain to team building such as is the team ready to stick to the strategies they drafted or is the team on the right path concerning the vision and the mission statement they drew up. The team should have effective communication on the way they are solving their problems while anticipating outcomes and contributions.

Thirdly, a team building effort should remain firmly grounded on their principles. There must be reasonable control of whatever they are involved in. The team needs to have the freedom and the empowerment to feel as part and parcel of the whole process. It is necessary to make sure that the team understand the boundaries and the limits. The team must be well aware of how much they need to go to find a solution on a particular problem. There must be clear guidelines on the responsibility, accountability and the relationship that exists all the members. The organisation should clearly define the authority in order for every member to understand their designation. Still under the control the members are supposed to have a review process that will enable them identify the barriers and the problems than need to be taken care of.

Fourthly, communication is an important aspect of team building ideas, when the communication has been improved there is also the improvement of the morale and the issues solving mechanism. Therefore there must be a clear understanding of each members priority in solving tasks and the relation of how beast they expressively share their responsibilities as individuals and as team players.